About this blog

I created this blog to reflect on travel, photography and politics. I called it the Deeper History Blog because the global history trends and their specific manifestations is what interests me the most. Then I embarked on a journey of a lifetime – a Round The World trip – which still continues today.

My identity is composed of three layers:
+ ­I was born and grew up in Tallinn, Estonia and I am a citizen of Estonia
+ ­I am of Russian descent and my native language is Russian
+ ­For the last six years I’ve been living in Brussels, Belgium.

On 5 July 2013 I started my Round The World trip.

Now, 900 days and 67 countries later, I still love the trip, even though my destination was never entirely certain. But I believe that we only discover the true meaning of an action in performing it.

The map of the journey so far:
Map of the round the world trip

Some info about me and about the trip:
Why I’m doing this trip
My life on the road
Countries I’ve visited list (103 countries, as of today)
Movies I’ve seen list
Contemporary art museums I’ve visited list

Last updated on 3 March 2016